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CrossLayer gives you advanced fiber in your workspace. Secure, ultra-high-speed internet, constantly reliable upload and download speeds with no congestion is available Day 1. Your business can manage employee additions and other features through CrossLayer's BlueZone online portal, with our highly responsive customer support representatives only a click or a call away.

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Business WiFi

CrossLayer Business WiFi provides secure wireless access for your company, along with easy-to-configure options that allow you to control access to specific functionality for each connected device. And when you add CrossLayer's revolutionary optional Campus Private Network (CPN) to your Business WiFi service, you and your employees can work anywhere in the building, with the same ultra-fast, secure internet access. CrossLayer WiFi is always available for every device, giving you consistent signal strength, so your business can enjoy consistent productivity.

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Business Voice Service

Sometimes there's nothing like a friendly voice, and CrossLayer's Business Voice service provides your business with options customized to your needs. Whether you need a single line or multiple lines, CrossLayer's full-featured system can be configured with dedicated inward-dialed numbers or extensions, along with up to a dozen add-on features like voicemail-to-email, caller ID, and simultaneous ring, to name just a few. Ready to talk?

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Campus Private Network (CPN)

Do you want to take your company's productivity outside your workspace? Then CrossLayer's Campus Private Network (CPN) is the ideal option to power your business' productivity through mobility. Campus Private Network provides secure wireless access to your company's private network anywhere on campus, with the same high-speed connectivity that you enjoy in your workspace. High-speed access anywhere equals high productivity everywhere.

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Guest WiFi

CrossLayer Guest WiFi is the simple solution for providing internet access for guests and visitors. Now you can offer the same ultra-fast gigabit internet that your employees enjoy to your guests and visitors. When you sign up for CrossLayer Guest WiFi, we'll create a guest log-in page for your company.

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Secure Connect

Does your business have more than one location? CrossLayer's Secure Connect provides a private network connection between two different locations, giving your business the same gigabit internet connection in both locations, and providing your employees shared access to your network resources. Secure and shared made simple.

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CrossLayer services can be managed through the BlueZone
online customer service portal.